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The biochemical engineers at BEST Genetics developed ways of genetically engineering the reproductive behaviors of certain species of bugs. In addition, they wanted to experiment with the elimination of certain bug species toxicity, potential to transmit disease and destructive behaviors in general. Unfortunately, through their research and experimentation they have genetically reproduced or cloned an abundance of flies, cockroaches and termites. The bugs began to overflow and escape from their containment area laboratory habitats. If BEST Genetics does not recover these bugs soon the FDA will be forced to shut down and abandon their project- not to mention the effects that the introduction of these genetically altered bugs could have on the environment, human health and the surrounding ecosystem!!

BEST Genetics' engineers are enlisting the help of a number of junior engineers from around the globe. They are challenging these junior engineers to safely capture and return the escaped bugs before they begin to wreak havoc on society. Several teams of these junior engineers are taking on the daunting task of developing and fabricating robots to assist with the recovery efforts. Even the infamous SMS Bugbusters were called upon. They too have joined the mission and are expected to lead the way in this mission of capture, control and return.

Click the link below to view the teaser video for this years competition.