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I-Now Login for Parents


I-Now Login for Teachers (iNow@Home)






You will log-in twice, once to get through the school firewall and again to log into our school information software (InformationNow).


Step 1:

Go to:

Log in using:

USERNAME:  tcsportal

PASSWORD:  tigerk12

** Note: The username and Password above will not change and it is case sensitive.


Step 2: You should now be on the Information Now Home Page

With another username and password field to complete - this time,

Enter User Name: (You will need to call school if you don't have the print out.)

Temporary Password:  tiger195

Note: after logging in using the Temporary Password:  tiger195 you will be forced to change this password. It must be a minimum of 8 characters, at least one number. It is case sensitive.



Step 3:

You will be asked to enter

OLD PASSWORD = tiger195

NEW PASSWORD = enter your choice (8 Characters)

NEW PASSWORD = type same thing again


Write this new password down because we cannot look it up, all we can do is reset your password to tiger195 and then you repeat this process.