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Cook, Micah Principal
O'Rear, Kevin Assistant Principal
Cox, Pamela Guidance Counselor

Adams, Chuck 6th Grade Special Education
Adcock, Dee Dee 5th Grade Special Education Aide
Austin-Webster, Lisa 5th Grade Mathematics; Tigers and Tales; Green Team
Baynes, Mark PE
Browning, Ed.S., Wendy 5th Grade Special Education
Burton, Heather 5th Grade Science
Carnley, Melanie P.E.
Cliett, Jermanda 7th Grade Language Arts
Cox, Pamela Guidance Counselor
Davis, Kristen Special Education
Eckstein, Cory 5th Grade Language Arts
Ernest, Heather 8th Grade Language Arts; Department Head
Ghosh, Mahua 7th Grade Social Studies; Department Head
Henderson, Heather 8th Special Education; Beta Club Sponsor; Dance Team Sponsor
Herring, Elizabeth 5th Grade Social Studies; Girls on the Go
Horton, Tim 8th Grade Science
Hughes, Daiann 5th Grade Mathematics; Department Head
Kuehndorf, S. Diane 5th Grade Language Arts; Tigers and Tales
McDaniel, Craig P.E.
McGuire, Phillip Math
Miller, Ed S, Angel Library Media
Moon, Averi Secretary & Office Manager
Nelson, Christy 6th Grade Science/Builder's Club Sponsor
O'Neal, Rodney 8th Grade Exploratory
Oliver, Staci 6th Grade ELA; Bible Club Sponsor
Patterson, Whitney 8th Grade Mathematics
Payne, Krystal 6th Social Studies
Smith, Melissa 7th Grade Science
Smith, Ed.S., Erin 6th Grade Mathematics
Spencer, Brittany Gifted Education Specialist and Instructional Technology Coach
Taylor, Josh 8th Grade Social Studies; Student Council Sponsor
Watson, Courtney 7th Grade Special Education
Whitaker, Kristi 6th Grade Language Arts; Department Head
Winchester, Kim 7th Grade Exploratory; Cheerleading Coach

Adcock, Dee Dee 5th Grade Special Education Aide
Anecito, Robin Special Education Aide
Baker, Debra Special Education
Baynes, Michelle Special Education
Conner, Angie Cafeteria
Evans, Rebecca Janitor
Hall, Kim Cafeteria
Haynes, Bobbie Cafeteria
Hyde, Jennifer Bookkeeper & Registrar
Jones, Trudi Cafeteria
Kerwin, Polly Lunchroom Manager
Moon, Averi Secretary & Office Manager
Osborne, RN, Jennifer School Nurse
Pigg, Ezekiel ISS/PE
Segrest, James Special Education Aide
Woodall, Tim Janitor